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RCW 67.28.180 Lodging Tax Authorized -- Conditions

Detailed information regarding collection and use of hotel motel taxes in Washington State.
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Lodging Tax Grant Funds Application & Guidelines
This is the application provided to non-profit organizations that are applying for lodging tax grant support. These monies must be utilized within the legal limits established by the Washington State Legislature in RCW 67.28.180.  Please also be aware of reporting requirements for all events and facilities that utilize these funds...see item below for details.

New (2013) Lodging Tax Reporting Requirements

All recipients must submit a report to the municipality describing the actual number of people traveling for business or pleasure on a trip: (A) Away from their place of residence or business and staying overnight in paid accommodations; (B) To a place fifty miles or more one way from their place of residence or business for the day or staying overnight; (C) From another country or state outside of their place of residence or their business. A municipality receiving a report must: (A) Make such report available to the local legislative body and the public; and (B) furnish copies of the report to the joint legislative audit and review committee and members of the local lodging tax advisory committee.