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Laser Light Show

Hwy 155
Coulee Dam Wa 99116

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Grand Coulee Dam is truly magnificent to behold. Built from 1933 to 1975, it is 550 feet tall, from the 500 foot wide polished granite base, to the 30-foot wide crest which supports a paved two lane road. When you include the third powerhouse, Grand Coulee Dam is almost 1 mile long. Did you know there is enough concrete in the Grand Coulee Dam to build a 60 foot wide highway four inches thick, from Los Angeles to New York City! ~  That is a 4 lane Highway 3,000 miles long.

The Visitor Center is located at the base of the dam and Free Nightly Laser Light Shows are projected on the dam, Memorial Day Weekend through September 30th.  Imagine the Columbia River telling you the story of how and why the Grand Coulee Dam came to be built!  This narrated story, combines colorful lasers that move across the entire span of the dam, creating magnificent moving images that virtually dance across the spillway!  Beautiful music, & an uplifting patriotic finish, provide worthy entertainment for all ages!  You can see and hear the program from and around the Visitors Arrival Center.  There are viewing bleachers available.

Grand Coulee Dam is truly The Eighth Wonder of the World!  It is located about 90 miles west of Spokane, 105 miles South of Canada's border, and about 25.

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