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Sep 17, 2021 to Oct 28, 2021

Roger Pugh, co-owner of a professional services firm in Ephrata, Washington has found that photography provides a great outlet and relief from an otherwise stressful occupation. 

 Much like the development of strategies and detailed planning that he employs with his clientshe recognizes that a photographer can produce their best work when they similarly consider photography as a process rather than a ‘point and shoot’ moment. There are many things to consider in creating that perfect photo. Developing a plan, understanding the effect of light and being ready at the right time of day are some of the basics of capturing the perfect moment. Having the right equipment and understanding the best way to use it is all part of the strategy. Patience and an understanding that all plans need adjusting from time to time helps separate a snapshot from a piece of fine art. 

 Roger’s passion for photography started in high school where he had an independent study class. He remembers standing in the dark room for hours trying to splice film together to create a perfect panoramic picture. He’s extremely happy that today’s technology makes that process much easier. 

 When asked what he wants to accomplish with his artwork, he said: “I hope that my work gives you the opportunity to see the world in a new way. When you look at one of my pieces you not only see the beauty, but you feel what I felt the moment I took it. Hopefully it even inspires you to see some of the same places or excite you to venture out to see this beautiful world yourself. 

 In his free time, Roger loves to travel and see the world one frame at a time. He feels that when carrying a camera, one’s perspective of their surroundings take on new meaning, and if correctly captured the feelings of the moment can continue for years to come. 



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